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21 June 2010 @ 10:40 pm
Three important birthdays today!

1. kpop_fandom96
2. Jayhay <3
3. Ryeowook

Just a quick happy birthday to you all!

This entry will be edited with respective birthday gifts for each... BUT KINDA BUSY ATM I just wanted to make sure I got the birthday wishes on time 8D
17 June 2010 @ 07:36 pm
So yeah. I've been back for a few days now from the trip. Construction work? NOT FUN. My shoulders are killing me, from lifting buckets of concrete, shifting sand, painting walls, ceilings, stairways, laying bricks... YEAH FUN SHIT.

And I watched Prince of Persia today. I had low expectations and it was better than I thought. A good film, in the sense you get to switch your brain off and just let yourself be dazzled by the pretty graphics and wrapping. No need to uncover the wrapping, mind you. Somethings are best left alone. :)

Despite it being the holidays, I am so amazingly busy. BRB DYING NOW.

I will try to check up ALL my LJ updates, reply to comments, etc but UHHH god tired I will do it sometime. Yes, sometime.

OH AND I WILL DO THOSE CHIBIS, I've been neglecting them 8D;;



I saw someone on the BTS (sky train) who looked like Kevin. JUST AS PRETTY. JUST AS HOT. JUST AS SKINNY. EVEN THE SAME GOD DAMN HAIR STYLE (as manmanhani mind you, except orange-brown).

I tried my best not to stare openly. IT WAS PRETTY HARD orz

Strangely enough, before I saw his face my senses told me he was good-looking. THEY WERE RIGHT. I was SOOO SURPRISED and I was kind of tempted to stalk him but I had to get off at my stop since I was with my mom gdi. But I bet he was going to Asok to go to Sukhumvit Plaza because he was Korean and all Koreans go there. If I ever see him again, I'm soooo stalking him hee hee. /SHOTDOWN

So yeah. PROOF. K-pop hotties are real.

But I bet I will never see him again... unless I camp out at Sukhumvit Plaza. ROFL. All Koreans living in Thailand MUST go there sometime or another 8|
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muzik: As A Man - Gummy
08 June 2010 @ 04:06 pm

So uhh updates:
- last week of school HOMGHOMGHOMG
- will be gone Saturday 13th June until Tuesday 16th @ Khao Yai building shit... MEHHHH
- officially got a cold GOD DAMN RUNNY NOSE
- started an RP twitter account for Silver (Pokemon Special anyone?) @ quickestsilver
- for all comments in my inbox on LJ... I WILL REPLY WHEN I HAS TIME I promis k?
- yes I will finish the questions of the mayonnaise stuff, just kinda busy Mon-Wed 8(t
- will eventually make a factual and informative post on what really happened with the red shirt protests in Thailand. Not like the shit CNN reports mmkay.

OKAY so onto the meme~

meme under the cut ;DCollapse )

SO YEAH. How the meme goes: post a piccu of your desktop on a comment here. I've shown you mine so you show me yours, I'm curious~
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04 June 2010 @ 11:12 pm
So today, I was debating between eating at an restaurant that was in walking distance of home or taking the skytrain to eat somewhere further away. I ended up taking the lazy choice, but thankful later on that I did. Why? Rain came.

And came hard and heavy.

It rained so hard, despite having an umbrella (albeit a small fold-up one) I still got wet, soaked in particularly from my knees downwards. 8|

So I've mentioned a little about the protests in Thailand and all, I'll probably make a post summarizing that sometime. When I get my laptop-tablet back u__u

But here's a really provokative image:

A photograph of Central World burning. (Gotten off Mr. James :D)

With my SLOW SLOW SLOWWWW laptop (it can seriously freeze for 30 minutes... orz) I've been watching a lot of TV.


Pygmy Seahorse <3
THEY ARE JUST SOOOO CUTE. Under 2cm long. Around 1.6cm. They are so colourful and pretty~

And I'm currently watching a documentary on katanas. It's amusing listening to the narrator dude mis-pronounce samurai multiple times. LULZ

A short entry because my laptop is being stupid, I'm feeling tired and my throat is sore. I'm probably catching some sort of a cold. DO NOT WANTTTTTT -goes off to bed-
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